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Be Mushroom Aware

Mushroom hunting check list

1 Never eat any mushrooms that you have not identified with absolute certainty. Even if considered edible they should also be in good condition.

2 Respect the habitat, do not trample areas in your search for fungi, do not take more than 50% of any colony you discover. Leave the oldest and youngest specimens. Limit your pickings to around 1kg per forage, for your own use only.

3 Take a compass, some antibacterial hand wipes and a few paper bags and wear sensible clothing. You can get very excited when foraging and it is easy to get lost and for the weather to turn against you.

4 If you are collecting edible fungi, do not contaminate them by putting unidentified specimens in with them. Clean all fungi before putting them in your basket. Use an open weave basket or trug never plastic bags.

5 Use an up to date field guide and encyclopedia of fungi, some previously thought edible varieties may have been reclassified.

Sautéed Wild Mushrooms

In a large pan heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of good oil. Add 2oz sliced onions and soften. Remove the onions from the pan. Heat the pan till hot but not smoking add 12oz sliced and cleaned wild mushrooms or a mixture of wild and cultivated. Stir fry quickly and simmer off any residual moisture. Add a good splash of brandy, or fortified wine. Add back the onions and a ¼ pint crème fraiche or double cream, season with S+pepper and some chopped chives, tarragon or parsley, warm through. Serve with toasted bread, on rice or in a pastry case.